Thursday, 8 November 2018

Manaiakalani Film Festival Writing.

manaiakalani film
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 festival 2018 !

Start here :
The film festival is where and when children from different school’s
like pt england school for example, The Hoyt’s Cinema in sylvia
park is where the manaiakalani film festival movies are seen.

Did you know that there are schools that are very very lucky ! These
schools have different technology and learning from other school’s.
Did you know that not every school is part of the manaiakalani
education schools the schools that are part of the manaiakalani
education school’s are,

Pt england school, glenbrae school, tamaki primary school, tamaki
college, glen innes school, ruapotaka school, panmure bridge school,
glen taylor school, sommerville special school,  st pius catholic
school, saint patricks school, and stone fields school.

These schools are very very lucky because they have their own
devices from years 1 - 13 WoW isn’t that amazing. But I have to

say that Pt england school is very cool that they even have there
own bike track and I’m one of the monitor’s for the bikes. We got
our bikes from the variety charity they are very kind that they even
give us amazing stuff for free like the bike’s they gave us.

Anyways, Did you know that some manaiakalani schools have this
thing that is called technology and rotations at school. So it works
like this on tuesday’s year 8’s go to tamaki college and the year 7’s
stay at school and does ratations like Kiwi - Sport, Te Reo Maori and
DLO which stands for Digital Learning Objects.

Then on thursday’s Year 7’s go to tamaki college for technology
and year 8’s stay back and do rotations which are  Kiwi - Sport, Te
Reo Maori and DLO.

This Writing was about the Manaiakalani Film festival Like where ,
what , when , who and why but anyways I hope you enjoyed  my
piece of writing about the Manaiakalani Film Festival Writing.

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Michelangelo Research

Today I and a class of student's we are learning and doing some researches about Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni.

Maree Confident Comprehenders

WALT : Skim and scan for the key information in a text.

First Day Of 2018

First Day Of 2018

Malo e lelei my name is Maree and I am a year seven at pt england school in a
# new class and a different year. I’m starting to walk into my new classroom I’m
began to Wow!!! In my head this is amazing but really on my first day I was really
shy well I wasn’t the only person shy anyways being a senior to me thought it
would be hard but actually it was fine it was normal.

What I enjoyed about my first day of school was meeting the teachers and getting
to know more people.

Because I Said So ?

Because I Said So?
WALT: justify our ideas using conjunctions.

I strongly believe that we need school uniform. Why I
believe that we should wear uniform because it is showing
your school pride and it is important to wear your school
uniform cause it makes you look smart in uniform.
Uniform is good te wear because people will know what
school you go to, and it also is good for when other parents
see you in your uniform and they will think that you look
smart in your school uniform and they will want there
children to look smart in uniform to so if you want to look
smart then dress up in your school uniform.

Chocolate Exemplar !

Whittaker’s Chocolate - Maree Ve’ehala

There’s something in this sweet brown block that has amused humans for centuries. The way the
chocolate slowly disintegrates on the tip of your tongue. The way the almonds  crackle and crunch
under your teeth… Once you open the wrapper, the exquisite aroma slowly enters your nose, making
it harder to resist until you hear the sound of crunching.

Slabs of silky chocolate layers flow like a chocolate river in your mouth. It’s soft, sweet but balanced
flavour will leave you hungry for more, but you will not regret your decision to take another bite!

This Whittakers chocolate has been around since 1896, spreading joy all over the world and
sweetening little minds. Whittaker’s do all they can to give joy to their customers; our business
is spreading the love of chocolate with the world.

What words do you like from this piece of writing? My word that I like on this piece of writing is
disintegrates because I’ve never heard that word in my entire life!!!

What has the author done to make the writing seem more interesting? The author has made this
piece of writing interesting by talking about whittakers chocolate and is telling us how the whittaker's
chocolate tastes on your tongue and the sounds of the crunch when you are eating the whittakers

What descriptive language has the author used? The author has used a very interesting language of
or for this piece of writing it’s just amazing.

What facts has the author used? The author has used facts about the chocolate, facts about the crunch
and sounds and even the tastes of whittakers chocolate on your tongue.

Monday, 17 September 2018

Level 10

Today I have been reading about a book called Level 10. This book is about a boy that is named Terry and Terry Mother told him to go sleep and Terry just disobeyed his mother It's like he doesn't care.