Monday, 17 September 2018

Level 10

Today I have been reading about a book called Level 10. This book is about a boy that is named Terry and Terry Mother told him to go sleep and Terry just disobeyed his mother It's like he doesn't care.

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Maree's Opinion

Agree Or Disagree 

I agree that pests should be treated with some respects. Because in the article  I read it said that This
group wants New Zealanders to own only one cat and not to get a new pet, if their cat dies.
They state that cats are “pests” which are “wiping out our native birds". Cats hunt birds,
lizards, insects and other wildlife. And I don't like it how there saying that we can only have
one pet and not get a new one if your pet cat dies. and to me it's kind of dumb that cats
turn into pests which are wiping out our native birds and that cats are hunting lizards birds
insects and other wildlife. that is so not fair why can't we help to do something to make
our animals that are pests better so that they can get along with native animals and so they
can be friends and now kill other animals because it is not fair.

Monday, 10 September 2018

New Zealand In 2048

(Life )New Zealand in  2048

Intro : Today we will be talking, taking and exploring with you about New Zealand in 2048.
 This writing is going to be about ( Mostly ) New Zealand in 2048 and is also going to explain
to you about what the future is going to be like in 2048. Your future might not be as simple or
definitely fantastic as my future is 2048 ( If I’m still alive) But anyways let’s carry on with our

Para 1 : What is the Environment is 2048? And were back, So the environment in 2048 is
Global warming like Foods, Tornado’s, natural disaster’s air pollution, well so not amazing and I can say it’s a bit amazing because they still have Food. ( Well who here wouldn’t love
food) You can tell already that I am into food but yeah anyways lets just carry on.

Para 2 : Is there going to be amazing electronics in 2048 ? Well Maybe yes or maybe no I
would have to go with both because yes there will be more inventions and no because there
will still be same inventions that exist’s in 2048 but yeah let’s not worry about that because
we still will enjoy using electronics like phones , cars robotics and all of those creative
electronics in our 2048 world.

Para 3 : What will the language be like in 2048 ? I Belive that our language in 2048 would
still be the same but words and languages might change and have new words but yeah.
My one important thing about Language is to make sure that people are not using proper
language and to stop racism language because that is rude to call people black or white
like how would you feel if someone called you names and calling you black and white. It’s
probably because you called them names and now they would want to do it back to you,
So if i were you I would treat people the way that I would want to be treated.

Conclusion : So thank you for reading my writing about New zealand in 2048. I hope
you have learnt something and please pass it on if you see someone that is being
disrespectful towaards you or towards anyone else. So please be free to comment down
below and leave some comments that I could use to make my writing more interesting and

Wednesday, 5 September 2018


Today we have been learning about Drought. And my reason and most important point about drought is to make sure people have water and so they can also survive when there's a Drought.

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

The Jeddah ( Kingdom ) Tower

Today my maths Class is finding facts about high towers, 
Waterfalls and desserts, we are also learning about this because it is part of our Cybersmart learn and creative.

Friday, 31 August 2018

Writing about Slavery...

Slavery is not a a good thing but it is good to people that want money money money!
If i saw a person that was for sale at a market I would buy them and literally set them free
Because it is unfair that people work for free for you because then people are literally used to slaves.

Para 1: History of slavery? Did you know that in the early events. In 1619 twenty africans were
brought to the english and to the colony of jamestown, Virginia to. Historians are undecided if the
illegal practices of slavery began there!, even though since at least some of them had the status of
the indentured servants!!!

Para 2 : Why do people have slaves? Well people have slaves because they want other people to
do there jobs and all that stuff so they can keep on getting heeps and heeps more money. People
also want slaves just because of money money money and because they want to become richer and
richer, but people should know that it is not fair to treat other as there slaves even though these people
that are being sold at markets are being tricked and they have no idea about what there doing being
sold at the markets and all that.

Para 3 : Slaves in 2018 ? Well I could say that Slavery still exiss in some countries like Libya but I
mostly think that Slavery does not exist that much in 2018 because it would unfair if it still existed in
2018. Even if it was happening in 2018 I would try and escape from this place because some slaves
can even die. Did you know that slaves do not get paid and that sometimes slaves don’t get a choice
to eat or to have a break?

Conclusion : Well I hoped you have enjoyed reading my writing about Slavery and I know that Slavery
to me is a important and I would really really love and I would enjoy it if people can help and donate
money for charity to stop Slavery. To me Slavery is a bad thing to me because even though in the past
some slaves actually died for being forced to do a lot of jobs and Slaves have even been forced to do
things that they would’nt want to do.