Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Vegetable and Bean Patties

Today we made Vegetable and Bean Patties, First we had to buddy up with someone and my buddy was Tata.

Here is how we made Vegetable and Bean Patties.

Step 1 - First we took our bowl out and put beans in there and mashed the beans.

2 - I took the brown chopping board and got vegetables from Mrs Tu'ipulotu. Vegetables were Red Pepper Capsicum, Red Onions, Carrot and Zucchini and Graded all Vegetables.

3 - After that we combined it all together and then put it on a Yellow board.

4 - Then I and Tata shaped the Vegetables and Beans into Circled Patties, then sprinkled Bread crumbs on top.

                                                                               5 - Then we fried it and packed it and took it
                                                                                     back to school.

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