Thursday, 5 July 2018

Blog - Profile

Kia ora, malo e lelei, talofa lava and greetings to you all.
My name is Maree and I am a year seven student at Point
England school. I am eleven years of age. I am looking forward
to learning more interesting stuff at school and I am also
looking forward to signing up for school sports this year
like netball, touch and different other sports. My favourite
subjects in school are maths and reading. This year my goal
is to try and become better at writing and to learn more

       School rules
  1. Respond on time
  2. Respect
  3. Kaitiakitanga i nga wa katoa
  4. Kindness

My Signposting

Children Need To Go To School

It is vital that all children attend school to gain an education. At school children are
taught a range of knowledge and skills that they will need to succeed in the future. For
example, children learn to read and write which enables them to communicate with others.
Without the ability to read or write, everyday life would be a struggle; you would not be able
to read your bills, find a job or learn about new things. Therefore, school is really important
to enable children to have a successful future.

My six word story

I want money - have to earn.
God gives - give it back.
Parents love you - love them back.
Need something - show and earn it.

Anyone that is crying - help them cause they helped you.Show your teacher respect - And they’ll
show you respect.

The Rip

The Rip
You never know how much someone means to you until you are faced with the thought of losing them.
This is something that I learnt the hard way.

I was twelve years old and I was enjoying my first summer in New Zealand. Mum had let me
spend some of the holiday with my friend Atawhai, who was visiting her Nana and their Marae
up in the Bay of Islands. We had been camping out in front of her Nana’s house for two weeks
and I was having an incredible time. Atawhai had taught me how to row, to fish and catch kaimoana
and we had spent a lot of time trying out all of her cousins games on the Playstation. I was enjoying
it so much that my family decided to drive up and spend the last few days of the holiday with me.

When Mum, Tom and my siblings reached Atawhai’s Nana’s place, they decided it would be nice
to take Atawhai out for the day. They chose a beach about half an hour away as it was somewhere
Atawhai hadn’t been before. We bought a packed lunch and found a place along the long sandy
beach. The tide was out so Tom suggested that we eat and play on the beach before we went
swimming later on. I watched the calm turquoise water fifty metres from us and longed to dive in
because it was a scorcher of a day.

An hour later I asked Tom if it was okay for Charlie, Atawhai and I to look for Pipi’s by the ocean.
I was really keen to show Charlie what I had learnt about Kai Moana. As we were twins, it was
pretty rare for me to learn something that he didn’t know! We were pretty successful and Tom came
down with some of the girls buckets for us to put the Pipis in.
“It’s alright if you want to go in for a swim now” said Tom, smiling as he looked at our haul “I’ll
bring your sisters down in a few minutes”.
“Thanks Tom” I replied. Tom was a pretty cool guy.

We had our toggs on underneath our clothes, so we were able to jump into the water pretty quickly.
Charlie and I felt pretty confident in the water, we had been champion swimmers back home and
Tom was taking us to junior life saving lessons before we arrived in New Zealand. I dove straight
into the surf, cherishing the feel of the cold salty water on my skin; it felt like heaven in the heat
of the day.

Charlie and I decided to swim a little deeper. We loved having competitions to see who could
swim the fastest or hold their breath the longest. Atawhai decided to wait in the shallows for our
three younger sisters. She was the youngest in her family so she enjoyed spending time with them.
Charlie and I got so caught up in our competitions that we forgot that she was still waiting there after
a while. We didn’t realise that we were moving further away from her and the shore.

Suddenly, Charlie disappeared from my vision. When I turned around to look for him I saw
treading water about ten metres from where he had last been. He was reaching his arms high up
into the air as if he was grabbing for something that was floating just above the surface.
“Cut it out Charlie, you’re not funny” I laughed, but Charlie did not reply. His face grew pale and
he began to move faster. It looked like he was climbing a steep imaginary staircase just under the

I turned around to look at Atawhai and spotted the panic in her eyes. We both recognised that
Charlie was drowning, although I refused to believe it. How could my brother, the champion
swimmer drown? It didn’t make any sense.
“He’s caught in a rip current” shouted Atawhai “ I’ll call for help”
I looked back at Charlie in desperation, remembering our life saving lessons. I knew that if I
swam out to grab Charlie he would push me down and drown me too.

As Atawhai waved frantically back at our family, Tom and my little sisters waved back. They
didn’t understand what was happening so Tom began to bring my sisters down for their swim.
Atawhai had a tough decision to make. She turned back to look at Charlie, who was growing paler
and continuing to panic. We hadn’t learnt about rips before so he did not understand what was
happening to him.

Atawhai dove in and swam to where I was treading water. She told me that we needed to calm
Charlie down and that he needed to let the rip take him further out to sea. I didn’t hear what she
told him, but somehow she managed to get through to him and he began drifting out. We swam
closer to Charlie and pretty soon we were being pulled out by the rip as well. I was pretty scared,
but I knew if I followed Atawhai’s instructions and kept calm I would be okay. I wasn’t so sure
about Charlie though.

We were swept out for several minutes before Atawhai gave her next instruction. We swam
sideways so that we were following the coastline and kept going until we could no longer feel the
pull of the rip. It felt like we had been swimming for hours and I knew that it was adrenaline that
was keeping me going. I kept glancing over at Charlie to make sure that he was okay. Atawhai made
sure that we didn’t swim too fast for him as she knew he would be pretty tired.

Finally we were able to swim back into the shore. Charlie collapsed as soon as he reached the sand.
Tom ran out to us, he was angry at first, because he thought that we had swam out that far on
purpose, but he soon knew something was wrong when he saw Charlie. It didn’t take long to
explain to him what had happened and his anger turned to concern pretty quickly.

That evening we returned to the campsite where my family were staying. Charlie had been checked
out by a doctor and given the all clear and we had learnt a valuable lesson about rips. Mum decided
to cook up the Pipi’s we had caught, despite being told by Atawhai that they wouldn’t be ready.
Once again, Atawhai was right and they were still pretty sandy after being cooked, but we didn’t
care. We were so relieved to have Charlie home safe and I had never felt so glad to have a friend
like Atawhai.



The Factory Farming.

Audie Leon Murphy

The Olden Days

This presentation is about the olden days, It will take you through a journey about my work.

World problems

This word problem is about Decimals and learning how to use algorithm is our word problems.

Force and Motion - Movie

This movie is about force and motion
And its also about two cars that have drove passed 
each other and are in a dark place where no one live, stays and it does not
exist on the map.

Monday, 2 July 2018

Inquiry - Expo


Talofa lava, Malo e lelei and greetings to you all my name is Maree and today I
will be taking and talking to you about journey in my experience, my project and
my science project, my Project is about Force and motion.

Paragraph 1
What is force? - Well force is when you are pushing or pulling something.
Force is just a fancy word and force is a shorter word for forcing , did
you know that the two natural that we have experienced are the force of
gravity and magnetic forces ( Magnetic forces ). Did you know that there
two forces act at a distance and it does not require direct contact between
the objects to function.

Paragraph 2
What is motion? - Motion makes the or our world go round,
Motion makes the moon go round too. Did you know in fact, motion makes
lots of things go. Did you know that when we mostly think of motion we
often think of cars, bicycles, kids running, basketballs bouncing and
even airplanes flying!!  You know that motion is much more.

Paragraph 3

What is Force and Motion together? - Well force and motion together is pretty
powerful and strong, Force and Motion is almost the same because they are both
very very strong and they are both moving facts and they are fast and slow
moving facts. There cool facts to learn about like people even do it, like
people pushing tables, chairs and everything and Motion is like our
moon and earth they spin and go around every time.

My writing was about force and motion, this is a project for younger
kids and older teens to do and learn about when they grow up and
have nothing to do. Force and Motion is a powerful fact for projects
and science work because it is a cool way to learn about force and
motion, hope you really enjoyed my journey.

Thursday, 28 June 2018

War hero

Today I have been learning about the army in the U.S. and army from different places, and I have created a poster about my favourite youngest men from the U.S. army his name is Audie Leon Murphy

Thursday, 21 June 2018

What is inferences

Inferences is when a conclusion is reached like on the basis of evidence and it could
even be basis of reasoning’s to. We used pictures and information from the words to actually
picture what is going on about the story. inferences is a conclusion about what has happened.
A conclusion is also a small writing at the end about your story and conclusion just mean’s
that you have to summarise the story and then end of your writing or anything that your writing about.

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Tagul World Cloud

WALT: We are learning to skim and scan to locate information.
Today we learnt about factory farming and in this world cloud of mine is words that 
are familiar to the animals feelings. 

Factory Farming

WALT: We are learning to skim and scan to locate information.

Monday, 14 May 2018

Maree Issues Problems

Child Hunger in NZ

Child Hunger in NZ
Adapted from “Child Hunger” by Ryan Laatz

Have you ever had to look into the eyes of a child and tell him that there is nothing to eat tonight?
This reality for around 15 million children in America every day. This is also a prominent issue in New Zealand, where one
in seven families live in poverty and 220,000 children go hungry. This means that they are missing meals or going the
whole day without food. Without getting the proper nutrition, these children are not able to fulfill their potential and may
be affected by poor health and a lower life expectancy.

Why does child hunger happen? Child hunger happens because children simply don't have the resources to get food.
About twenty two percent of children in New Zealand live in poverty. Also about children two percent of kids in New
Zealand  are hungry. Do you see the similarities between those numbers? Impoverished parents have a harder time providing
for their families than those in higher paying careers. There are so many costs that parents have to cover such as rent,
medical bills, clothes and power, there is often very little money left to pay for food. As the children are too young to work,
they are not able to help their families or to buy their own food.

Why is child hunger a problem? Child hunger is a problem because it is not letting kids fulfill their full potential.
Kids are still developing, and if they don't eat enough, their brain and their bodies won’t be able to completely develop.
The feeling of hunger can also affect the child’s mood; they can feel stressed, anxious and lack concentration. These factors
will then prevent students from concentrating on their learning at school and from having the energy to participate in sports.
This means that impoverished children are less likely to graduate from high school or university and then it can be difficult
to find a well-paying job. In this case, the child may then go on to be an impoverished adult.

Are there any solutions? While there is no easy fix to this issue, there are some things that people can do to help.
One solution that we could do to solve this problem is to volunteer at charities and organisations that support children.
For example, you could volunteer at ‘Eat my Lunch’. Eat my lunch is an organisation that delivers free school lunches to
children who would otherwise go hungry. Another way to help is that you could also start a food drive. You could organize
a fundraiser of some sort, and instead of charging money to attend you would ask for canned food donations. With all the
canned foods you get, you could donate all of them to a children's food shelter.
  Child hunger is a major issue that the government and New Zealand society must address. Children in New Zealand
aren't fulfilling their full potential and showing the world what they can do.  Child Hunger is happening everywhere,
impacting everyone, and it's happening because children simply don't have the resources they need. How does it feel
when you are hungry? Try being hungry everyday as a seven year old.

Highlight the introduction and conclusion blue

Highlight the topic sentences green

What is the point of the introduction?
It tells us what the introductions going to be about.

What is the point of the first body paragraph?
It tells us about why does child hunger happen.

What is the point of the second body paragraph?
Why is child hunger a problem.

What is the point of the third body paragraph?
It was all about helping and giving you solutions about child hunger, like
Helping the charity give children food to have more energy.
  • Because without food children will not concentrate onthere learning and will not have enough energy in there brains.

How do you know what the point of the paragraphs are?
I know the point of the paragraphs because of the topic sentences, the topic sentences are giving you some points of the

What is the point of the conclusion?
The conclusion is just about the ending of your story, and is all about what you’ve been reading about and it summarises
the story.

What will you steal for your own writing?
I would steal the Introduction and the conclusion because it tells you most of the storys about the writting.

Monday, 9 April 2018

Chocolate Challenge

WALT: justify our ideas

Chocolate Challenge

Chocolate Challenge

Tehillah- Crunchie is yum because it is full of flavor .
If you eat Crunchie you will have the best feeling ever.
I have tasted it.It tasted like a mouth full of yumminess.
The ingredients they have will make you fell in love with crunchie.

Maria Ingredients  - Crunchie has a lot of ingredients in.
It has golden hokey pokey  honeycomb covered in cad bury milk
chocolate. It’s has 931kg of energy , 7.5g 11% 14.9% fat and the
Sugar 31.4g 35% 62.8g. The Chocolate makes you happy
if you are feeling sad .

Ayla- Crunchie has all the ingredients .
Chocolate Covered Honeycomb Crunchie bars based on the
Cadbury Crunchie candy bar, these gorgeous chocolate treats
contain only 6 ingredients and are gluten-free, vegan and
fabulously good.

WALT: justify our ideas

Monday, 26 March 2018

Attitude talks

Image result for lionImage result for lionImage result for lion

Today team 5 had a Attitude talk with a guy named Toni he was talking to us about who you are and what type of animal do you think you are. Are you a otter, Are you a lion, Are you a Golden Retriever or are you and beaver I picked the lion because I know that I can be bossy, I also can be angry at people when I feel like  and I always think that i'm the best/leader when were in our groups.

Friday, 23 March 2018


Responsibility means if someone is starting trouble you have to stop the trouble.
If someone says something that is not kind you have to ignore them.
If i drop my rubbish i have to pick it up and throw it in the bin.
If i you see a person that is throwing rubbish you have to remind them that throwing rubbish around is not the right thing to do, so this is what Responsibility means.

T1W8 - PS4 Word Problem

WALT: Ask questions to clarify my thinking/understanding

Friday, 2 March 2018

Word Problems

Today we are learning how to solve Multiplication and Division questions.
WALT: Word problems - explain my answers using the context of the question

Monday, 26 February 2018

Plastic Fantastic

 WALT: use a range of strategies to ensure we gain an understanding of a text.