Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Tea Bag Rocket Science Experiment

Today in Room 4 we sat down as a class and our teacher Mrs Stone brought a lighter and a tea bag
 to school and she showed us what happens when you light it up, Before she lighted it up she cut it opened and then burnt it. Piece by piece and it was so Amazing that is even when floating high and 
it was kind of a orangish and red colour, My eyes were shocked to see it floating in the air. I thought that is was just going to burn the tea bag and not do anything else, Actually I was wrong but it 
was super super terrific. 

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

BEDMAS challenge

WALT:  to use the correct order of operations to solve algebraic equations

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Maree T4W7 - BEDMAS

Today I, My Friends and other student's in my #MATHS CLASS have been learning
about BedMas & Algebra this week. As you can see the presentation is where you are going click
on so you can see and check out my Problem Solving.

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Use the correct order of operations when solving algebraic equations
Use the correct order of operations when solving algebraic equations
Use the correct order of operations when solving algebraic equations
Use the correct order of operations when solving algebraic equations
Use the correct order of operations when solving algebraic equations


Use the correct order of operations when solving algebraic equations

Friday, 16 November 2018

Creative Writing

Watch the short film -The Black Hole.

Imagine you had access to a black hole - what would you do?

If I was to find the black hole and wanted to take money from the safe, I would
just take one stack of the money and then I would come back the next day and
take some more money. But wouldn't it be stupid to try and take the whole stack
of money because what will you carry it in, because if you don’t have anything
to carry all the money then don’t try to take all of it. But when he went to the
machine to get him a snack i would say it is all right because the workers would
 just think that he brought it himself.

Thursday, 8 November 2018

Manaiakalani Film Festival Writing.

manaiakalani film
Related image
 festival 2018 !

Start here :
The film festival is where and when children from different school’s
like pt england school for example, The Hoyt’s Cinema in sylvia
park is where the manaiakalani film festival movies are seen.

Did you know that there are schools that are very very lucky ! These
schools have different technology and learning from other school’s.
Did you know that not every school is part of the manaiakalani
education schools the schools that are part of the manaiakalani
education school’s are,

Pt england school, glenbrae school, tamaki primary school, tamaki
college, glen innes school, ruapotaka school, panmure bridge school,
glen taylor school, sommerville special school,  st pius catholic
school, saint patricks school, and stone fields school.

These schools are very very lucky because they have their own
devices from years 1 - 13 WoW isn’t that amazing. But I have to

say that Pt england school is very cool that they even have there
own bike track and I’m one of the monitor’s for the bikes. We got
our bikes from the variety charity they are very kind that they even
give us amazing stuff for free like the bike’s they gave us.

Anyways, Did you know that some manaiakalani schools have this
thing that is called technology and rotations at school. So it works
like this on tuesday’s year 8’s go to tamaki college and the year 7’s
stay at school and does ratations like Kiwi - Sport, Te Reo Maori and
DLO which stands for Digital Learning Objects.

Then on thursday’s Year 7’s go to tamaki college for technology
and year 8’s stay back and do rotations which are  Kiwi - Sport, Te
Reo Maori and DLO.

This Writing was about the Manaiakalani Film festival Like where ,
what , when , who and why but anyways I hope you enjoyed  my
piece of writing about the Manaiakalani Film Festival Writing.

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Michelangelo Research

Today I and a class of student's we are learning and doing some researches about Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni.

Maree Confident Comprehenders

WALT : Skim and scan for the key information in a text.

First Day Of 2018

First Day Of 2018

Malo e lelei my name is Maree and I am a year seven at pt england school in a
# new class and a different year. I’m starting to walk into my new classroom I’m
began to Wow!!! In my head this is amazing but really on my first day I was really
shy well I wasn’t the only person shy anyways being a senior to me thought it
would be hard but actually it was fine it was normal.

What I enjoyed about my first day of school was meeting the teachers and getting
to know more people.

Because I Said So ?

Because I Said So?
WALT: justify our ideas using conjunctions.

I strongly believe that we need school uniform. Why I
believe that we should wear uniform because it is showing
your school pride and it is important to wear your school
uniform cause it makes you look smart in uniform.
Uniform is good te wear because people will know what
school you go to, and it also is good for when other parents
see you in your uniform and they will think that you look
smart in your school uniform and they will want there
children to look smart in uniform to so if you want to look
smart then dress up in your school uniform.

Chocolate Exemplar !

Whittaker’s Chocolate - Maree Ve’ehala

There’s something in this sweet brown block that has amused humans for centuries. The way the
chocolate slowly disintegrates on the tip of your tongue. The way the almonds  crackle and crunch
under your teeth… Once you open the wrapper, the exquisite aroma slowly enters your nose, making
it harder to resist until you hear the sound of crunching.

Slabs of silky chocolate layers flow like a chocolate river in your mouth. It’s soft, sweet but balanced
flavour will leave you hungry for more, but you will not regret your decision to take another bite!

This Whittakers chocolate has been around since 1896, spreading joy all over the world and
sweetening little minds. Whittaker’s do all they can to give joy to their customers; our business
is spreading the love of chocolate with the world.

What words do you like from this piece of writing? My word that I like on this piece of writing is
disintegrates because I’ve never heard that word in my entire life!!!

What has the author done to make the writing seem more interesting? The author has made this
piece of writing interesting by talking about whittakers chocolate and is telling us how the whittaker's
chocolate tastes on your tongue and the sounds of the crunch when you are eating the whittakers

What descriptive language has the author used? The author has used a very interesting language of
or for this piece of writing it’s just amazing.

What facts has the author used? The author has used facts about the chocolate, facts about the crunch
and sounds and even the tastes of whittakers chocolate on your tongue.

Monday, 17 September 2018

Level 10

Today I have been reading about a book called Level 10. This book is about a boy that is named Terry and Terry Mother told him to go sleep and Terry just disobeyed his mother It's like he doesn't care.

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Maree's Opinion

Agree Or Disagree 

I agree that pests should be treated with some respects. Because in the article  I read it said that This
group wants New Zealanders to own only one cat and not to get a new pet, if their cat dies.
They state that cats are “pests” which are “wiping out our native birds". Cats hunt birds,
lizards, insects and other wildlife. And I don't like it how there saying that we can only have
one pet and not get a new one if your pet cat dies. and to me it's kind of dumb that cats
turn into pests which are wiping out our native birds and that cats are hunting lizards birds
insects and other wildlife. that is so not fair why can't we help to do something to make
our animals that are pests better so that they can get along with native animals and so they
can be friends and now kill other animals because it is not fair.

Monday, 10 September 2018

New Zealand In 2048

(Life )New Zealand in  2048

Intro : Today we will be talking, taking and exploring with you about New Zealand in 2048.
 This writing is going to be about ( Mostly ) New Zealand in 2048 and is also going to explain
to you about what the future is going to be like in 2048. Your future might not be as simple or
definitely fantastic as my future is 2048 ( If I’m still alive) But anyways let’s carry on with our

Para 1 : What is the Environment is 2048? And were back, So the environment in 2048 is
Global warming like Foods, Tornado’s, natural disaster’s air pollution, well so not amazing and I can say it’s a bit amazing because they still have Food. ( Well who here wouldn’t love
food) You can tell already that I am into food but yeah anyways lets just carry on.

Para 2 : Is there going to be amazing electronics in 2048 ? Well Maybe yes or maybe no I
would have to go with both because yes there will be more inventions and no because there
will still be same inventions that exist’s in 2048 but yeah let’s not worry about that because
we still will enjoy using electronics like phones , cars robotics and all of those creative
electronics in our 2048 world.

Para 3 : What will the language be like in 2048 ? I Belive that our language in 2048 would
still be the same but words and languages might change and have new words but yeah.
My one important thing about Language is to make sure that people are not using proper
language and to stop racism language because that is rude to call people black or white
like how would you feel if someone called you names and calling you black and white. It’s
probably because you called them names and now they would want to do it back to you,
So if i were you I would treat people the way that I would want to be treated.

Conclusion : So thank you for reading my writing about New zealand in 2048. I hope
you have learnt something and please pass it on if you see someone that is being
disrespectful towaards you or towards anyone else. So please be free to comment down
below and leave some comments that I could use to make my writing more interesting and

Wednesday, 5 September 2018


Today we have been learning about Drought. And my reason and most important point about drought is to make sure people have water and so they can also survive when there's a Drought.

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

The Jeddah ( Kingdom ) Tower

Today my maths Class is finding facts about high towers, 
Waterfalls and desserts, we are also learning about this because it is part of our Cybersmart learn and creative.

Friday, 31 August 2018

Writing about Slavery...

Slavery is not a a good thing but it is good to people that want money money money!
If i saw a person that was for sale at a market I would buy them and literally set them free
Because it is unfair that people work for free for you because then people are literally used to slaves.

Para 1: History of slavery? Did you know that in the early events. In 1619 twenty africans were
brought to the english and to the colony of jamestown, Virginia to. Historians are undecided if the
illegal practices of slavery began there!, even though since at least some of them had the status of
the indentured servants!!!

Para 2 : Why do people have slaves? Well people have slaves because they want other people to
do there jobs and all that stuff so they can keep on getting heeps and heeps more money. People
also want slaves just because of money money money and because they want to become richer and
richer, but people should know that it is not fair to treat other as there slaves even though these people
that are being sold at markets are being tricked and they have no idea about what there doing being
sold at the markets and all that.

Para 3 : Slaves in 2018 ? Well I could say that Slavery still exiss in some countries like Libya but I
mostly think that Slavery does not exist that much in 2018 because it would unfair if it still existed in
2018. Even if it was happening in 2018 I would try and escape from this place because some slaves
can even die. Did you know that slaves do not get paid and that sometimes slaves don’t get a choice
to eat or to have a break?

Conclusion : Well I hoped you have enjoyed reading my writing about Slavery and I know that Slavery
to me is a important and I would really really love and I would enjoy it if people can help and donate
money for charity to stop Slavery. To me Slavery is a bad thing to me because even though in the past
some slaves actually died for being forced to do a lot of jobs and Slaves have even been forced to do
things that they would’nt want to do.

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

( MLK ) Martin Luther King

Today we have learnt about ( MLK ) Martin Luther King so I have answered some questions about martin luther king I hope you enjoy these slides.

Justifying Our Thinking

Today and the few past weeks we have been learning and doing some researches about Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela!! isn't it amazing to learn and do researches about the past so were justifying our thinking about Nelson Mandela and ( MLK ) Martin Luther King.

How to be an Upstander

How to be an Upstander

To be an upstander you have to show to people and prove to them that you are being a
real person, an upstander is a person that Stands up for themselves, stands up for there
siblings and it not just standing up for yourself it also about showing people how to become
an upstander to.
Paragraph 1
( Becoming a upstander ) Learning about upstanders isn’t easy and becoming a upstander
is also not easy for anyone well it might be easy for some people that know what upstanders
are and how upstanders react and respond and all that. You have to earn it so people will
believe that your a true and respectful upstander.Did you know that an upstander is a person
who recognizes that something is wrong and acts to make it right again.When we all stand up
for whats right and do our best to help support and protect someone or anyone who is being
hurt or injured we or they are being responsible.
Paragraph 2
( What does it mean to be an upstander ) Did you know that an upstander is a person
who recognizes that something is wrong and acts to make it right again, When we all
stand up for whats right and do our best to help support and protect someone or anyone
who is being hurt or injured we or they are being responsible. When we all stand up for what's
right and do our best to help support and protect someone or anyone who is being hurt or
injured we or they are being responsible.
Paragraph 3
( What is the Definition of an upstander ) Did you know that the Definition of a upstander
is someone that would recognizes when something is wrong and starts to act to make it right
again. It’s a person who takes a stand against an act of injustice or intolerance is not even close
to a positive bystander, because they are an Upstander which is good because some people
are sometimes bystanders to.
( The ending of my Upstander ) This Piece of writing was all about being an upstander,
becoming an upstander and mostly what is a upstander. I have to say that it is mostly Important
to learn and know and to share about Upstanders because sometimes Upstanders can be
Awesome at fixing and solving and standing up for themselves and other people that are
being treated bad or when there is a bad act or bad words or even bad attitude to.

Monday, 20 August 2018

Writing with Clarity! 2.0

Today we have learnt how to play 2 different types of card games they are called SlapJack and Crazy Eights. it is a bit confusing when you first play it but when you are playing it for ages you'll start to get use to it. Please feel free to comment on my blog and follow my blog if you are interested in more of my work...

Friday, 17 August 2018

A Healthy Sandwiches Recipe

Start Recipe here:
How to make a perfect Tuna sandwhich….
  • 2 slices of bread
  • 1 can of tuna
  • 2 teaspoons Butter
  • 2 pieces of Lettuce
  • 1 Tomato

What to do
  • First you spread 2 teaspoons of Butter on both slices of bread .
  • Next you open up the can of tuna.
  • Next you spread 2 teaspoons of tuna on a slice of bread.
  • Then you put 3 pieces of lettuce on top of your tuna
  • Then you slice your 1 tomato and put 3 or 4 pieces of tomato on top of your lettuce
  • Last of all you slice you tuna sandwich up and get in there.

This is a recipe for a healthy tuna sandwich make sure you’ll always have a delicious
yummy and tasty Tuna Sandwich!!!!!

Monday, 6 August 2018

My Grandmother

Hi there this is a very sad story, Because my story is based on a true story that happened to one of my family members but this is not any family member this is a family member that is very important to me.
This person is my Grandmother I wanted to share this story with everyone that is reading it because it is a person that i love and care about and my grandmother and she is a person that I looked after me, a person that fed me food and also made sure that me and my siblings had a warm and comfy place to sleep on.So my grandmother was a very lovely and quiet person, she loved it when we always helped her to bake. We used to bake cakes, make cupcakes and make different types of desserts it was amazing when we baked with her the smell of the baking was delicious, fabulous and it smelled really tasty and scrumbscious it smelled really nice that you could even fall in love with it.
Anyways let's get back to where i was oh yeah my grandmother had passed away when I was at the age of 8 and it was very sad and emotional because at her funeral I couldn't even cry, but when my grandmother funeral was finish I started to cry because going back to her house and packing out all of her stuff it was emotional because just remembering all the memories we’ve had in that house and walking into her room was like a dream of a story like a girl walks in and just starts to cry and feel emotional.
So my grandmother has passed away and my grandfather is just living a normal single life but still my grandfather is old but still believes in god and god is one of our family values personalities and rules in our family. Thank you for reading about my grandmother hope you enjoyed my story.

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Independent Work

This is my problem solving and also learning about switching relationships like Multiplication and Division and also Division with Multiplication

Maree Mahy Taste

Lemon - juicy, sour, yellow, seeds, skin, rind, bumby, soft, strong, crunchy seeds, soft texture.
: What I experienced about the lemon is that the lemon is a sour fruit, it a yellow colour and the
taste of it is juicy, soft and also crunchy because of the crunchy seeds.

Sour bears- different flavours, different colours, sugar coated, covered in sugar, shaped like
small bears, hard, rough, bumpy, mild sour, sweet, the more you chew it it becomes sweeter,
hard, chewy  

: I experienced the Sour bears as a sweet and soure taste because when i took a bite of it, It
tasted sour in the beggining because theres was sugar coated all over the sour bears. The sour
bears were actually chewier and harder than i thought it would taste like but it was still yum and

Salty chips - crunchy, bumpy, grooves, brown yellow, caramel, round, jagged, pointy, sound of the
crunching, potato, salty,

: The salty chips were’nt actually salty as i thought they would be, The salty chips were kind of
round, it was jagged, pointy and the sounds of the salty chips were the sound of crunching.

Salt and vinegar - salty, sourness from the vinegar, curved, pale yellow, sound of the crunch,
dissolve as we chew them,

: The salt and vinegar were not really tasty to me because it is kind of not my type
of food, but what I do like is that it has a bit of curved pale yellow colour.

BBQ - curved, burnt colour, spicy, sprinkle, peppery, sound of the crunch, meaty - umami
flavour, dissolve in your mouth, become soft,

: I really enjoyed the BBQ pringles chips because it had a nice flavour and the sounds of
the crunch was loud, it looked like they had sprinkled a spicy burnt colour on the centre of
the BBQ pringles chips. It was easy to eat because it does dissolve in your mouth and it
becomes soft.

Salami - smells meaty, soft, smells like pork, rounded, round shape, squishy, easy to break,
flimsy, hard on the outside, rind, spice, umami,

:  I never tasted the Salami because it looked yuck and it does smell like pork, it rounded shape
and it easy to break and it flimsy.

Disgusting, gross, uncooked, yuck, revolting,
: It was kind of revolting.

Chocolate, square, sweet, milky, creamy, light, solid, hard, dissolve in our mouth, melting as
you chew it, chocolate, milk, sugary, artificial,

: The chocolate was delicious it was sugary, it like artificial chocolate, it does dissolve in your
mouth it light and it solid hard a bit but it was Delicious.
Dark chocolate, hard, square, hard to break, dark colour, smells like coffee, smells bitter,
very bitter, coffee taste, very strong, too strong, overwhelming, strong aftertaste, cocoa,

: The dark chocolate was to strong because it had a strong coffee taste and it even has a
strong aftertaste and it smelled bitter and it very bitter to !!!