Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Maree's Opinion

Agree Or Disagree 

I agree that pests should be treated with some respects. Because in the article  I read it said that This
group wants New Zealanders to own only one cat and not to get a new pet, if their cat dies.
They state that cats are “pests” which are “wiping out our native birds". Cats hunt birds,
lizards, insects and other wildlife. And I don't like it how there saying that we can only have
one pet and not get a new one if your pet cat dies. and to me it's kind of dumb that cats
turn into pests which are wiping out our native birds and that cats are hunting lizards birds
insects and other wildlife. that is so not fair why can't we help to do something to make
our animals that are pests better so that they can get along with native animals and so they
can be friends and now kill other animals because it is not fair.

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