Tuesday, 20 October 2015

My Holiday Higlight

Guess what during the school Holiday my family and I went to a Funeral because my Grandma past away on the last following week on it was on Wednesday. After the Funeral we went to Barrie her then the Funeral was done then we had a feed at my Aunt's house.

Then the next day we went for a swim at the beach.Then after our swim we got Changed out of our togs then we had a picnic. So after the picnic we went home and played outside before we went inside to a movie on the TV, We ate some food  then we had to watch inside out because my brother wanted to.

Last week on Saturday it was my big sister Esther is birthday so we celebrated her Birthday she got a big box of chocolate and we ate a chocolate cake with chocolate Ice cream.then my sister Esther opened up her present. When Esther’s birthday was done we went home.

When we all got home we all went to sleep with the remembrance of my Grandma. I miss her so much we all do.

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