Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Cat at the beach

It was a beautiful sunny day to spend at the beach. Johnson the cat was relaxing on the hot white sand. His master was paddling in the refreshing crystal water, when suddenly his friend Byron came along. He was looking very sorry for himself.

Start your writing here:Why the long face asked Johnson are you hungry Bryon replied yes of course should we  go fishing for some fish i'd love to have a Yummy fish for dinner that would be an awesome idea. then after we have fish then let’s grab us some water then we relax. that would be really awesome then will head back to our home sweet home. johnson?” replied that is good I will promise you Bryon to make you and me some cat biscuits.

WALT: Write what is being dictated to us, word for word
WILF: I can write down the sounds in words I hear and I can punctuate my writing

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