Friday, 27 May 2016

Regan gentry

  1. What makes Regan’s plant “ultimate”?  They Made it bigger because they wanted to keep it how it is becuse it will be hard to plant an nother one.
  2. Which is your favourite piece of art and why?  I like the pohutakawa art because my Nana used to have the tree we always would plant the pohutakawa tree.

1.Why did Regan made seagulls out of bread for? Because he wanted to see how real seagulls would react. many days did it to make the wire plants? 16 weeks to make it
3.why did regan build a bread seagull? He wanted see how the seagulls react many light bulbs did he put uder the water? He puted 350 light bulbs under the water.

5.what did he make the house in? He made the house a rubbish bin

WALT: Create new ideas from the information in the text

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