Friday, 5 August 2016

Holiday Writting

In the holiday’s What a blasting day!. My family and I had the most joyful time together. We went to the Sylvia park HOYTS I watched The BFG with my Sister Efe-Lata, Esther and my brother Sam. My Mum Lavinia went with my Aunty Victoria and watched The Lights Out.

My Aunty Victoria went with my sister Esther and my brother Sam they bought the food and drink.While Victoria,Sam and Esther were buying the food me and my sister Efe-Lata were playing some games.

When my Aunty came back Sam and Esther we went and watched The BFG. It was all about a little girl she was an orphan she got stollen by an giant the giants name was BFG.
It was a amazing Movie I bet it is the one of the best Movie’s I’ve ever watched.

On Friday in the Holidays I went with my Family and we had KFC and after we had KFC My Mum took Me and my cousin’s to the park then we went home and my cousins and I

Were playing Monopoly it was the best day ever then we all went to sleep.

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