Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Maree Goldilocks and the Three Bears - My Spin

Once upon a time there was a girl named Jasmine she was picking flowers for her grandmother. When Jasmine was walking along the path she saw a house made out of straw’s and the door’s were left open. Jasmine knocked on the door no one was there she tried knocking again but the door just opened. Jasmine walked inside the house she saw food on the table it was porridge Jasmine tried the porridge in the large bowl it was to hot, she tried the medium bowl but it was to cold for her then she tried the last bowl of porridge it was just right she smiled.Then Jasmine was tired and wanted to rest and sit down, Jasmine walked to the next room she saw three chairs. Jasmine tried sitting on the big chair it was to big, then she tried the medium chair it was too soft, next she tried the last chair it was small and just right jasmine was resting on the chair then the chair snapped Jasmine fell with sadness then Jasmine walked to the last room with three beds. Now I will be able to rest for now Jasmine tried the large bed it was to hard for her, next she tried the medium bed it was to bouncy, last of all she tried smaller bed and It was just right. When the three bears came back there porridge was eaten, next the bears went to the next room hey someone was sitting on my chair said papa bear,someone's been sitting on my chair too said mama bear,someone sat on my chair and it broke.Then the three bears walked into there rooms hey someone was lying on my bed said papa bear, someone was lying on my bed said mama bear too, someone was lying on my bed and there she is said baby bear, The End.

Walt: to be able to write a using creative language 

Walt: to be able to use an existing story and put our own spin on it  

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