Friday, 1 December 2017

Maree year 6 camp recount

Hello What a exciting day of my life, I am going to take you through with my amazing adventure!..

We got to the camp site, then we got off the ferry ship we took the camp bags off the ferry ship and stacked it on the deck. We finished stacking our camp bags, we sat down on the grass and had a break we finished having our break we got up and went for a wallk on the Killer Hill we walked up the Killer Hill it was so tiring that we were the last ones to get back to the camp site.

The next day everyone woke up we had breakfast, when we finished having our breakfast we had to go and do activities. Our first rotation was sailing, before we went sailing we had to put life jackets on us for safety, we went and sat down, but first we had to go through some important lessons before we went sailing. Erin was telling us where theimpotant parts of a sail boat, some of us went sailing by there selfs and some went in two pairs.

The next morning we did our next activity it was abselling all of the children and I were feeling a bit nervous. First we had to put of our helmets before we climbed up, we had to climb up a ladder it was a bit long we reached the top of the ladder. We had to come down the abselling by holding onto a rope, it was so scary that some of us came back down the ladder everyone thought that they would fall and get hurt but really it was shocking for me.

I would like to say thank you to all the parents for helping me at camp ecspecially these two parents that were really clever. I would like to say thank you to the teachers at my school that made the yummy food, and the teachers that could make it to the camp at kawau Island thank you very much I really enjoyed camp and would say it was one of my best moments of going to camp.

I really enjoyed the concert ecspecially one of the most funniest and best dancer was the katz they made up a identical twin dance and they made up there own britains got talent.
I learnt how to do diffrent types of activitys in the water like kayaking, sailing and raft biulding.

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