Thursday, 22 February 2018

Explanation Writing

How to save money : Fact  1  start of by helping around in the house like  helping your family with chores inside and outside the house. Or if you have any property of yours that you don’t like then pack it up and start selling it. Why? It would be a waste if  you have property that you don’t like and you just chuck it around in your room, what would it be to you rubbish yeah that’s right, So if I was you I would sell it to make money.How to get money ? There's Heeps of ways to save money like saving up in a piggy bank or selling stuff you don’t need. Like toys, clothes, shoes and books and all that okay so stop thinking and start building your games. To save you need to be able to use it wise like if you had 5 bouncy balls you could sell each bouncy balls for 2.50 I bet you would make loads of money by then so stop wasting time and start using your time.  What you could do with money ? Did you know that helping people out can change there life’s or you could use your money to help your mom and dad by paying the bills of  using your money for shopping. Wait hold on you know when you have money your suppose to use money wisely right yeah. When you have money you should not be buying expensive stuff you don’t buying a 100$ bottle wow that would be a waste. So remember using your money wisely is just right.


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  1. Hi Maree,

    It was amazing seeing you come up with so many ideas - ka pai! Next time we will work on structuring your writing so that it is easier for your readers to follow your ideas.