Monday, 9 April 2018

Chocolate Challenge

Chocolate Challenge

Tehillah- Crunchie is yum because it is full of flavor .
If you eat Crunchie you will have the best feeling ever.
I have tasted it.It tasted like a mouth full of yumminess.
The ingredients they have will make you fell in love with crunchie.

Maria Ingredients  - Crunchie has a lot of ingredients in.
It has golden hokey pokey  honeycomb covered in cad bury milk
chocolate. It’s has 931kg of energy , 7.5g 11% 14.9% fat and the
Sugar 31.4g 35% 62.8g. The Chocolate makes you happy
if you are feeling sad .

Ayla- Crunchie has all the ingredients .
Chocolate Covered Honeycomb Crunchie bars based on the
Cadbury Crunchie candy bar, these gorgeous chocolate treats
contain only 6 ingredients and are gluten-free, vegan and
fabulously good.

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