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Child Hunger in NZ

Child Hunger in NZ
Adapted from “Child Hunger” by Ryan Laatz

Have you ever had to look into the eyes of a child and tell him that there is nothing to eat tonight?
This reality for around 15 million children in America every day. This is also a prominent issue in New Zealand, where one
in seven families live in poverty and 220,000 children go hungry. This means that they are missing meals or going the
whole day without food. Without getting the proper nutrition, these children are not able to fulfill their potential and may
be affected by poor health and a lower life expectancy.

Why does child hunger happen? Child hunger happens because children simply don't have the resources to get food.
About twenty two percent of children in New Zealand live in poverty. Also about children two percent of kids in New
Zealand  are hungry. Do you see the similarities between those numbers? Impoverished parents have a harder time providing
for their families than those in higher paying careers. There are so many costs that parents have to cover such as rent,
medical bills, clothes and power, there is often very little money left to pay for food. As the children are too young to work,
they are not able to help their families or to buy their own food.

Why is child hunger a problem? Child hunger is a problem because it is not letting kids fulfill their full potential.
Kids are still developing, and if they don't eat enough, their brain and their bodies won’t be able to completely develop.
The feeling of hunger can also affect the child’s mood; they can feel stressed, anxious and lack concentration. These factors
will then prevent students from concentrating on their learning at school and from having the energy to participate in sports.
This means that impoverished children are less likely to graduate from high school or university and then it can be difficult
to find a well-paying job. In this case, the child may then go on to be an impoverished adult.

Are there any solutions? While there is no easy fix to this issue, there are some things that people can do to help.
One solution that we could do to solve this problem is to volunteer at charities and organisations that support children.
For example, you could volunteer at ‘Eat my Lunch’. Eat my lunch is an organisation that delivers free school lunches to
children who would otherwise go hungry. Another way to help is that you could also start a food drive. You could organize
a fundraiser of some sort, and instead of charging money to attend you would ask for canned food donations. With all the
canned foods you get, you could donate all of them to a children's food shelter.
  Child hunger is a major issue that the government and New Zealand society must address. Children in New Zealand
aren't fulfilling their full potential and showing the world what they can do.  Child Hunger is happening everywhere,
impacting everyone, and it's happening because children simply don't have the resources they need. How does it feel
when you are hungry? Try being hungry everyday as a seven year old.

Highlight the introduction and conclusion blue

Highlight the topic sentences green

What is the point of the introduction?
It tells us what the introductions going to be about.

What is the point of the first body paragraph?
It tells us about why does child hunger happen.

What is the point of the second body paragraph?
Why is child hunger a problem.

What is the point of the third body paragraph?
It was all about helping and giving you solutions about child hunger, like
Helping the charity give children food to have more energy.
  • Because without food children will not concentrate onthere learning and will not have enough energy in there brains.

How do you know what the point of the paragraphs are?
I know the point of the paragraphs because of the topic sentences, the topic sentences are giving you some points of the

What is the point of the conclusion?
The conclusion is just about the ending of your story, and is all about what you’ve been reading about and it summarises
the story.

What will you steal for your own writing?
I would steal the Introduction and the conclusion because it tells you most of the storys about the writting.

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