Friday, 1 April 2016

Camping Dictagloss week 9

One day there was a boy named Sam. He was going out to camp in the deep  forest with his family. Sam was so excited but his sisters Kelly and  Angela weren't in the mood for camping .

They set up their tents by the trees and by the rivers. When they were almost done setting up their tents it was almost dark. Sam was scared so he stood by his dad.

Suddenly he heard a roaring noise Sam asked his dad “did you hear that?” they went looking for the roaring sound it was a ginormous bear. They ran as fast as they could, then they got lost in the middle of nowhere.

They tried finding their way back home they were starving for food. When Sam and his dad saw a  man with some bread and milk they asked him “excuse me” may we have  some food of yours
please?”  yes you may said the man.

They introduced themselves before the man gave them some milk and bread then sam and his father went back home and they shared the bread and milk then they all lived happily ever after The end.

WALT: narrate a story that involves a boy, camping and a family that needs food

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