Friday, 1 April 2016

Easter show story

On easter Sunday I went to the easter show with my family. At the easter show there were heap’s & heap’s of people there. my family “and’’ i” Enjoyed   The slide, the Bumper cars, the spin around  ride, the Swinging boat, the jump cliff, and of course the Roller coaster.

I really had a Wonderful Easter Sunday So enjoyable the fireworks started at 9 : 30 pm. I had lot’s of candy floss and Ice cream, Hot chip’s too I went on too many ride’s cause we lot’s of tickets. Then we went to a store and got my brother a glowing stick. Then my brother sam was acting as a ninja turtle.  Then when the easter show finished the light’s all shut down then we waited for my mum then my mum came and my brother sam sneaked in the back of the boot. We stoped by at the Mc donald and had a frozen coke The end.

WALT: write a detailed recount about what you did during your Easter Break
WILF: (What I’m looking for)
Three detailed paragraphs: Introduction with Hook, Body, Conclusion

More Information, More Explanation, More Description

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