Friday, 4 November 2016

Practice Narrative Lost in the forest

One day there was a little girl who went camping with her family.

Her name was Anduirana she went camping with her parent’s and her brother’s. Anduirana was the only sister her brother’s name’s was lance, jack and Jill were twin brother’s.

Anduirana was helping her parent’s set up there tent’s while Anduirana was helping her parent’s. Jack and Jill were playing soccer and they were running around Lance was reading his book’s that he brought from home
Anduirana finished setting up the tent’s with her parent’s.

So her Parent’s decided that they will have smores and hot chocolate for tonight. After there Dinner they went to sleep it was cold when they went to sleep, that night while they were sleeping along came to hunter’s they found food it was Anduirana and her family’s food.

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