Friday, 4 November 2016

The Bush

One cold morning there was a girl who loved to go walking in the bush
So she asked her parent’s if she could go for a walk with her sister’s and her one and only brother.

They went for a quick walk and they also went for a run it was amazing! When they got home they had some fruit’s and they had vegetable’s with some salad then they went to sleep.

They went outside but there brother was gone so they went looking for him they first check the bush second they checked his room then they checked his friends house they still didn't find him so they told there parent’s then dad said everyone come on let’s go look for him.  

Mum was so so worried but couldn't find him any where at all  they went to the police house and they asked the police if they can help. So the police said yes of course I can help so they went and they found him he was in the bush hidden by some boy’s from his school.

His mouth was rapped with tape and they tied the rope around his hand’s so they took the rope of his hand’s and they went to the hospital and said if they can take a look if his blood is alright but when the nurse came out she told us he is dead because his blood was stopped the nurse said the rope was tied tight on his hands  they were really sad when they got home.
But they still enjoyed the rest of there days and dad said to the sister’s to stay home be safe and never ever go walking in the bush so the girls were told to never ever go near the bush. So they lived safe and took care for each other Mum said next time let’s make sure we walking all together girl OK Mum.

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